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Sulawesi Tours

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Sulawesi Tours offers some of the most amazing tours and scenery available in all the world. Tours primarily include South Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, and the surrounding areas, as well as the Togean Islands, which offer some of the best  snorkeling and diving anywhere in creation.


Tours in North Sulawesi include Bunaken, Manado and Lembeh Strait diving tours and Minahasa Highland jungle and mountain tours. North Sulawesi tours provide a tranquil diversity of pristine beach and lush jungle and mountain rainforest adventures.

Tours in South Sulawesi include the interesting and unique cultural wonderland of Tana Toraja, the capital city of Makassar, pristine Bira Beach, and Takabonerate marine reserve, which boasts the third largest atoll in the entire world.

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This page is sponsored by the International Conservation Society. Proceeds from all tours booked go to assist the International Conservation Society's efforts to preserve Sulawesi's rich natural and cultural heritage, as well as the world's